Steven H. Orr


Financial and Political Analyst ~ Entrepreneur ~ Writer ~ Broadcaster

     Sea Captain ~ Aviator


Steve Orr is the President and Owner of Orr Financial Group, a full service Registered Investment Advisor located in Victoria, Texas. Victoria is located in the center of the Houston, San Antonio, Corpus Christi, southeast gulf triangle of Texas. Steve has been in the financial industry since 1986 and has been independent since 1994. His move toward independence was driven by the discovery that most firms described themselves as full service, offering a diversified portfolio of choices, but in reality, they were specialized or committed to stocks and bonds in various forms. Steve recognized the problems in having only two asset classes so he set out to discover new ways to provide clients with organized choices usually provided only for the extremely wealthy, pension funds or institutions. He developed a strategy of core and satellite investing using eight or more asset classes instead of the traditional means of asset allocation. He also initiated new methods in technology to improve the quality of the stock and bond portion of the portfolio. Orr recognized investors were being short-changed. History has continued to prove him right.

Not only is Orr one of the top producer’s in his field, he is also accomplished in numerous other areas of personal achievement. Steve is a committed entrepreneur and true capitalist owning his first business at the age of twenty-one.

“I started out at the bottom in this world. I dug ditches with a pickaxe and a jackhammer between railroad tracks in 30 degrees below zero and was an offshore oil rigger in 110 degrees above zero. I’ve climbed telephone poles for twelve hours a day building cable TV; I can run a bulldozer, crane, earthmoving scrapers, trucks; I’ve built houses, commercial buildings, been an electrician, radio talk show host, and an investment educator for the University of Houston system. I’m also a partner in an oil company. You name it. I probably have done it or am about to! “Life is meant to be experienced to its fullest.” - Steve Orr

Steve works hard to live up to that statement. He walks the talk. Orr is a multi-engine, instrument rated pilot, flying a Piper Aztec and the fastest piston twin in the world; an Aerostar Super 700.

Says Orr: “The ability to fly my own airplanes expands my business capabilities, allows me to make my own travel schedule and gives me the flexibility to meet clients across the country and internationally on a very efficient basis.”

Steve is an accomplished sportsman and has moved from competitive bass fishing to saltwater bay fishing. He is now in search of the ultimate game fish, the Blue Marlin.

Steve does not rely on professional captains as most boat owners do to operate his 54-foot Bertram. He captains his own boat, Diversify,” through the local and international tournament circuits where he has won well into six figures, including a leg of the ESPN Extreme Billfish Series. He is a golfer, snow skier (begun from his days as an electrician at Keystone Ski Resort) and hunter.

Steve’s love of music started at an early age which led him to a professional career playing bass guitar. Every now and then he picks up his guitar to keep his proficiency level up to par and for relaxation.

All this has given Orr a unique view of the world financially and politically.

“The two worlds of politics and finance intertwine. One can harm or even destroy the other. It’s happening today as we speak. We live in one of the richest countries on earth, but no one teaches us how it works. We are left to fend for ourselves. We debate what cannot be debated. We get our information from people, television, radio the Internet and magazines. Most of this information is centered on stocks, bonds and the DOW, and is coming from those who are part of the problem. This has been disastrous to investors. Most have watched their portfolios melt away by listening to traditional advisors. The politicians continue to try to regulate with dangerous and ineffective results. Our educational system has let us down. I know this because I have had doctors, lawyers, accountants and 401k trustees attend my classes. They didn’t get the education either. I am committed to getting the information out so we can all be successful. I want to elevate people’s understanding and give them the options they need to succeed. I am a true example of the American dream, coming from nothing, making it to the middle class, and then on up to what some would call financially successful.” -Steve Orr


Steve has the gift to relate to anyone from the most modest of means to the most wealthy with the same easygoing and straightforward manner. He has a way of making the most complex of scenarios simple at the same time making it look easy. “That’s what professionals are supposed to do!” says Orr.

“Most people today are doing the opposite. There’s no reason to baffle them with baloney when the truth is easier.” Orr is a solutions guy.

“I never complain without a solution. When I called Congressman Ron Paul’s office with a private sector solution to our financial system meltdown, which instead resulted in an enormous and possibly disastrous government bailout, I was told they had hundreds of complaints, but that I was the only one with a solution. Warren Buffet came up with a similar idea. True capitalist competition has to be reinstated for our system to restore itself. No company should be too big to fail. I have spent my career finding innovative solutions that work. I can’t wait to solve the next one. My job security is knowing there will always be a new problem.” -Steve Orr