Steve Orr of Orr Financial Group Hosts Financial Talk Show “On The Money”
Monday, August 31, 2009 at 5:20PM
Steve Orr

Orr Financial Group announced today that Wealth Manager, Steve Orr joins Houston Radio CNN 650 as a host of the financial talk show, “On The Money.” The weekly show began broadcasting August 18th in Houston and surrounding areas and can be heard every Wednesday from 2:00 pm to 3:00 pm.

Consumers in the Houston area can now get answers to their financial questions by tuning in to “On The Money.” On the radio show, Orr will offer financial advice for consumers that addresses issues such as how to rebuild your portfolio and different approaches to build wealth in today’s environment.

Focusing on the solutions instead of the problems, Mr. Orr helps investors understand not only how news events and politics impact their financial futures, but also why diversified assets are the key to a balanced and protected portfolio in an unstable financial market. 

“Some Wealth Managers have lost their clients a bundle.  Most believe that diversification is different kinds of stocks and bonds.  If advisors had clients diversified in asset classes such as Non-traded Real Estate, Oil and Gas (not stock) Managed Futures, Tax Credits, Equipment Leasing, Notes, and Private Equity in addition to stocks and bonds clients would still be on track to success,” says Orr. 

On The Money” with Steve Orr will feature interviews from industry leaders along with powerful and successful personalities in Houston. The financial talk show will also feature questions submitted by listeners in need of answers on the subject of personal finance and investing. 

“The objective is to give practical advice and knowledge about investments, taxes, insurance, estate planning and more.  Current emphasis will be given on strategies to rebuild lives and portfolios that may have been impacted negatively by the recent financial downturn,” Steve Orr explained.

Interactivity, interesting guests, and extensive asset allocation opportunities are featured in each and every edition of "On The Money" with Steve Orr. The show is broadcast via the Internet on CNN Radio Network ( and on local CNN Radio Station, 650 AM on the dial.


About Orr Financial Group

Orr Financial Group (OFG) is a Registered Investment Advisor and financial planning firm aimed at helping clients achieve their financial goals by offering numerous services and products that involve advanced financial planning and asset management.  Steve Orr, the president and owner of OFG, continuously implements ingenious solutions to combat the current economic downturn.  Because of that, OFG is nationally recognized as being in the top 2% of Independent Advisors by former broker/dealer, H. Beck.   His financial strategies, along with the appropriate investment products, may lead OFG clients to experience more prosperity, despite the current financial condition.

Steve Orr and the OFG team are determined to improve the financial condition of all present and future clients by educating and advising them which investments would best achieve their financial objectives. 

OFG’s services and products include:  advanced financial, business, retirement and tax planning.

For additional information on Steve Orr & Orr Financial Group, see the article featured in Forbes Magazine.



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