Be Inspired
Tuesday, January 25, 2011 at 3:15PM
Steve Orr

                                                                                                                                                            January, 2011


Be inspired!


At the first of the New Year many of us are inclined to make the proverbial New Year’s resolution.  Most are excited about it for a very short time, like a whole week maybe.  So what do you say we try something different this year, in fact, how about forever?  Why keep doing something that doesn't work.  How about living with inspiration!


So just what is that?  Sounds easy, huh.  Let's think about it for a minute. The other night I awakened at 3 or 4 am after falling asleep on the couch.  Usually I never lose hand control of that ol’ remote even when sleeping, but somehow I did and subsequently rolled over and turned the channel to Bravo TV and awoke to see Tabitha Coffey doing turnarounds to non-functioning hair salons and the people in them.  Sound like fun?  It was astounding.  This lady is tough.  She was like Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada”.  I ended up watching about four episodes.  If those salons are smart enough to do what she says, they will be wildly successful.  Not only are her concepts good for salons, they are great for all businesses and individuals.  It was like watching a drug intervention followed by inspiration for success.  It reminded me that every human being is dying to be inspired; to be pulled out of the doldrums and to achieve things they dream of. They just want some external force to do it for them.  (And believe me, Tabitha was dragging it out of them.)  Most wait for this external force and it never comes.  Why don’t we all do it and do it consistently?  Because we just don't think about it, that's why.  Tabitha’s reasoning is that we need passion for what we do and if we don't have that passion we should not do what we are doing.  Sounds good; but then I realized that we are not all blessed in our situations to presently participate in our passion.  You know, it's like rich people telling the non-rich: “money can't buy happiness.”  Maybe not, but you might want to give it a try right?  She has been able to pursue her dream, but your circumstances may not have allowed it ...yet.


So what to do you ask.  Be inspired!  Every day, all day.  Make this your new goal.  It doesn’t matter what you are doing.  It doesn’t matter if you are a bored factory worker, like I once was, making drive pins all day for who knows what.  Be inspired!  Find out what you are doing and how it fits into the capitalist system and what it means to you and the people you are making it for.  If I would have been inspired by what I did, I would have realized that some of my pins would end up in a farm tractor somewhere for a hard working farmer to provide food for us, to provide for his family and for my company to make a profit and, therefore, my 401k would go up and I would be able to retire in comfort and live happily ever after.  In reality, if I am inspired it spreads, I become noticed; people pay attention to what I say.  I become a leader, the company management notices and up the ladder I go.  In fact, I am noticed by others besides my company, suddenly I am in demand and I find myself writing my own ticket, I find my passion or it finds me and I achieve more than I ever dreamed possible; all by being inspired.  It didn't come naturally, I practiced it ....daily.  I said it to myself in the mirror every day until I got it.  It was hard but I never gave up.  I believed in me.


In my life I have learned a lot about people, especially after being in the financial business.  People who are successful believe in themselves regardless of what life has dealt them.  I am like Tabitha, I am considered hard to work for by many because I expect and demand excellence.  My clients deserve it.  We don’t just help them achieve their financial goals, we help fulfill their dreams. As for our employees, we know what people have inside and we try to inspire them and communicate high expectations. As a result, we have a staff second to none. In fact THEY will not work with anyone who does not strive for excellence.  Sometimes inspiring excellence takes tough love and sometimes it takes the touch of a snowflake.  Sometimes one followed by the other.

 When it comes to success and self-motivation, some people are naturals, but this is rare, maybe 2%.  As I say in my book, twenty percent of a sales force produces eighty percent of a company’s income and then there's that two percent....they own the company. This concept translates to all endeavors.


So do you have to want to be rich to be inspired? NO!  Success is the progressive realization of worthy ideals.  Be the best you can be at whatever you are doing by being inspired.  Be inspired about being a teacher and you will create great kids.  What can be more inspiring than that! Be inspired about being a factory worker and you can keep that farmer’s expenses low because you created a quality part that keeps him in the field while watching your own 401k go up because of what YOU have just produced!   Be inspired about your golf game and who knows?  It's catching, self-fulfilling and sustaining.  Just think what the world would be like if we all did this.  Let's do it one person at a time, one day at a time for 2011!!  It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s how well you do it. God gives us our talents, expects us to develop them and doesn’t judge us until the end.  He never gives up on us, so don't you give up on yourself.  Instead, inspire yourself!  We are all unique, wonderful individuals. He gave us free will, therefore leaving the choice up to us. What are you going to do?  I welcome you to contact me at any time.

Have a great year!

Steve Orr

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